Freezing Fall Mushrooms

By Danae Meyn

Here is a method I have used with success the past 3 years.  Works very well for Chanterelles, Bears Head, and I have even done a few King Boletes that haven’t gone in the dryer. I can do several batches at once this way (if I happen to be so lucky), and don’t have to stand at the stove stirring individual batches.


  1. WASH AND CLEAN. If you have a salad spinner, remove excess moisture that way, then set out on a towel to dry for a bit. 1-2 hours depending on how wet.
  2. Cut up your mushrooms into slices or bits. Fill a baking pan (size determined by how many ‘shroom you are cooking). Drizzle with olive oil & stir.
  3. Place in preheated oven. I usually do 385/400 degrees. Stir every ten minutes.
  4. Remove after 20-30 minutes. This will be after the mushrooms have released their water and started to cook down. Cooking longer may overcook/toughen. 
  5. Let sit out and cool. The mushrooms will reabsorb some of the moisture. When cool, I remove them with a slotted spoon and fill freezer bags with the portions I want. The liquid that is left makes a wonderful broth worth saving. I strain that to remove any bits of dirt/pine needles I might have missed, and refrigerate or freeze for my next batch of soup. Very yummy.

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